THE TURTLES - 'You Showed Me'/'Buzzsaw' (London HL 102451) Italian release 1969

Big favourites of mine The Turtles, looking washed and very clean cut for the late 60s, deliver a 45 of two sides if there ever was one. The promoted song 'You Showed Me' is perfectly delivered soft rock with their trademark tight harmonies. The song of course was an unreleased Byrds original that was left in the vaults for a number of years.

The flip 'Buzzsaw' didn't even warrant a mention on the front of the sleeve. It may have come as a shock for all of the squares and housewives who bought the 45 for 'You Showed Me' to hear such a turned on and seriously heavy instrumental on the B-Side.

Pounding fuzztone combined with a schizoid hammond B3 organ and the odd scarey scream makes for some fine entertainment. The Turtles certainly flew their freak flag on this side.