THE CLOUDWALKERS - 'Sunglasses'/'Never Told Me So' (Capco Records 106) July 1965

The Cloudwalkers were from Brooklyn, NY and recorded this sole 45 for Capco Records.
'Sunglasses' is an energetic R'n'B shaker with plenty of harmonica and tambourine. I suppose '64 era Rolling Stones is a positive comparison.

'A groovy chick came up to me
Said what you're doin' bumpin' into a tree
I turned to her and she said with a start
What you're wearing after dark
Sunglasses, sunglasses...Yeah!'

The flip 'Never Told Me So' is a much different affair, this time mixing a folk rock sound with a vocal delivery similar to Buddy Holly.

Both songs are credited to Chris Welch and Pete Polizzano.

The sound engineer was Joe Venneri who was an original member of The Tokens then worked for Mercury Records either producing or engineering music for the likes of The Blues Magoos, The Cowsills and Spanky And Our Gang.



  1. I hope someone in or around The Cloudwalkers chimes in here--I've wanted to know the story behind this record for a long time! "Sunglasses" has an interesting comp history--first on The Midwest vs. The Rest in '83, and then on the Pebbles, Vol. 8: Southern California 1 CD in the mid-'90s. Locating groups based on producers (or "sound engineers") is always a dicey proposition, but you'd think Venneri would've zeroed people in on the NYC region sooner. Probably an interesting story behind the group being sourced to The Midwest and SoCal too! Maybe they were transplants to Brooklyn?


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