THE BEATLES - And Your Bird Can Sing

THE BEATLES - And Your Bird Can Sing (Euro Bootleg CD) 199?

This mix of 'And Your Bird Can Sing' was recorded at the end of April 1966 but it was not the final version that ended up on the album Revolver.
During the early 90s many bootleg Beatles CDs turned up for sale at various Record Fairs I attended in England and the sound quality and packaging were all of a high standard. This was a time before the legit Beatles Anthology releases were on the market so Beatles fanatics like me would snap them up usually for £15 each (just to hear different mixes of many classics)

I don't know how the bootleggers got this music but I wasn't gonna ask questions. Another version of 'And Your Bird Can Sing' did indeed turn up on The Beatles - Anthology 2 in 1996 with some members of the band having a fit of giggles near the end of the take.

This different version on my blog does not have the giggles and is better without them. This is where The Beatles were copying the sound of The Byrds.....a jangle delight.

THE BEATLES - And Your Bird Can Sing


  1. Oooh, you're right - this version is highly derivative of The Byrds, and it shows The Beatles following, not leading.
    The take they released to the world really shows the differences that made up their signature sound.

  2. Actually they laugh throughout the whole song on the Anthology version. Wonder if they went for a smoke right before the vocal overdub?

    I agree with litlgrey that this version sounds a bit too much like the Byrds and that's probably why they chose to re-record it. However, what I find really interesting is the solo. That slide-effect that Harrison would later turn into his trademark is already present here. Surely this must be one of the earliest examples of that particular style?


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