THE WHAT FOUR - Do You Believe

THE WHAT FOUR - 'Do You Believe'/'Whenever' (Box Records BX 4000) 1965

Several bands in the 60s called themselves The What Four and most of them have been documented in various fanzines and online sources. Unfortunately, this band appear to have gone unnoticed and slipped under the radar.

I have checked the comp database and this outfit are given an Indianapolis location, however the dealer I bought my 45 from provided an Ohio base (maybe because Box is a label from Dayton, Ohio)??

Both sides are pleasant Brit Invasion influenced beat, nothing too dangerous, no fuzz or anything.
'Do You Believe' is an R'n'B shuffle with a decent guitar break although by the end of the 10 second solo you feel that the teenage guitarist had used up all of his energy in keeping it together for the probable single take.

The flip 'Whevever' has a strange drum tap and a more or less spoken vocal part. The lyrics verge on the corny side. The singer dig's his girl and he ain't ever gonna stray. Well, I suppose he was just a kid, just wait until she starts to nag him to do the washing up.

Recently The What Four have seen their songs compiled. 'Do You Believe' can be found on the CD release of Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 9 and 'Whenever' has turned up on the recent Destination Frantic Volume 2.


  1. A band called the "What Four" played at my Junior-Senior Prom in 1968 (Victor Valley High School, Victorville, CA)...wondering if this is the same band?

  2. The group you saw may have been The Whatt Four who were from San Bernadino, CA.

    They released two singles "Our Love Should Last Forever"/"You Better Stop Your Messin' Around" (ESP 109) and "You're Wishing I Was Someone Else"/"Dandelion Wine" (Mercury 72716)


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