THE TROLLS - Walkin' Shoes

THE TROLLS - 'Walkin' Shoes'/'How Do You Expect Me To Trust You?' (EU 898260) 1965

One of the most compelling and interesting bands of the Bay Area in the late 60s were The Stained Glass. Before they adopted this moniker they were called The Trolls and released this little treasure on a small indie label that probably sold in very small quantities.

'Walkin' Shoes' is a beat mover with pleasing harmonica, very much in vogue with the new wave of music from England like The Animals and The Stones. The flip, the folky 'How Do You Expect Me To Trust You?' would be the template sound the band would adopt when signing to RCA Victor and becoming The Stained Glass. Indeed, the song was re-used as the flip of 'If I Needed Someone'.


Jim McPherson (bass/lead vocals)
Bob Rominger (lead guitar)
Roger Hedge (rhythm guitar)
Dennis Carrasco (drums)

THE TROLLS - Walkin' Shoes