STAINED GLASS - Crazy Horse Roads

STAINED GLASS - 'Crazy Horse Roads' LP (Capitol ST-154) 1969

I very much suspect the recordings that made up the first Stained Glass album were put together in 1968 ('Soap And Turkey' dates from April '68 for instance) but the record wasn't released until early 1969.

The LP cover showed McPherson, Rominger and Carrasco hanging by the neck from a tree dressed in their rural hippie garb. I'm sure back in the day this would have been quite shocking and the image would hardly tempt the casual buyer into taking a gamble on it.

The album is a solid representation of the talent this three piece folk rock band possessed. All eleven songs are originals with leader Jim McPherson writing or co writing everything except 'Soap And Turkey' which was penned by lead guitarist Bob Rominger.
The majority of the tracks continue their folk psych ideal but they indulge in country rock on 'Horse On Me', playful nonesence on 'Piggy Back Ride And The Camel' and the acoustic/fuzz rock of 'Doomsday'...

My copy of the album sleeve has some weird tracks over it that has left marks. It makes the lynching picture even more creepy and bizarre. One of the poor chaps even 'died' without his boots on.