STAINED GLASS - 'Aurora' LP (Capitol ST-242) June 1969

No more than six months after 'Crazy Horse Roads' limped out of Capitol Records came the second and final LP by Stained Glass. Jim McPherson was again the main songwriter apart from a cover version of 'Jim Dandy' written by Lincoln Chase. Overall the album is enjoyable late 60s hippie rock with extended guitar meanderings on some of the songs but I didn't get the connection like I did with the 45s and first album. The Cream/Beatles influence is hightened especially on 'Gettin' On's Gettin' Rough', 'The Necromancer', 'The Kibitzer' and 'A Common Thief'.....My favourite of the whole set is the floaty meloncholic psych of 'Inca Treasure'.

The cover is more than a little corny. Someone in Capitol's art department must have been short of ideas because the 'stained glass' window is just too obvious but at least they printed some band shots on the back cover. 'Aurora' is a tough one to score so a little diggin' is required if you need a copy.

STAINED GLASS - Inca Treasure

When the album came and went, the band were dropped by Capitol, then had a name change to Christian Rapid. They played several gigs, opening for touring bands but never released any records.
Leader and main songwriter Jim McPherson then teamed up with ex Quicksilver Messenger Service guitar slinger John Cippolina to form Copperhead in 1971. McPherson died in the mid 80s aged only 40.