GENESIS - Journey To The Moon

GENESIS - 'Journey To The Moon Part I'/'Journey To The Moon Part II' (Buddah Records BDA 132) 1969

The whole world seemed to go space crazy in the 60s, not only in music but TV, film, books, toys and even fashion. So it was no surprise that something was released to celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing and none came more hip and trippy than 'Journey To The Moon' by Genesis who were more than likely a studio outfit including John Madara, Len Barry and Tom Sellers.
The flip is non LP and is an instrumental of the top side.

I'm not certain if John Madara was the same person who formed a group called The Spokesmen with partner Dave White and local D.J. Ray Gilmore in the mid 60s and released "The Dawn of Correction" an answer song to the enormous hit "Eve of Destruction" by Barry McGuire.
This weird and wonderful space exotica is surely ripe for re-issue. One can only hope a small label sees fit to explore the possibilties.
The music is mostly instrumentals but with Victor Jay adding narration. Song titles on the album include 'A Walk On The Moon', Lunar Walk', 'Lift Off And Return', 'Moon Plague' and 'Mystery Of Space.'
GENESIS - Journey To The Moon Part 1


  1. I used to have this record. It was an old favorite. Fortunately I had the forethought to encode it to mp3 when I had access to a decent turntable. The record is gone but the tracks live on. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  2. Could you please post a link to this vinyl rip?
    Thanks in advance!


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