THE ENEMYS - 'Glitter And Gold'/'Too Much Monkey Business (MGM K13485) April 1966

The Enemys from Los Angeles were very much a part of the mid 60s Sunset Strip scene and had a residency at The Whiskey A Go Go. They also appeared in the teen exploitation movie 'Riot On Sunset Strip' performing 'Jolene' but did not show up on the album soundtrack released by Tower Records (perhaps because they were an MGM recording group).
They also show up with slicked back hair and suited & booted playing a fabtastic instrumental in an episode of Burke's Law.

The first Enemys single was credited as Cory Wells and The Enemys and it was released on (Valiant V-714). 'Sinner Man' was backed with 'Say Goodbye To Donna', I've only ever heard a thirty second clip of 'Say Goodbye To Donna' and for 1965 the 'teener pop' I listened to sounds completely dated and was probably not what the kids on the Strip wanted.

The Enemys first MGM 45 was 'Glitter And Gold'/'Too Much Monkey Business'. According to the date on the label the record had an April 1966 release. The music on offer is a soul/RnB Club sound that combined with the strident vocals from Cory Wells reminds me of a very early Tom Jones when he was backed by his beat group (pre his solo hits of course).

The record was produced by Tom Wilson who is remembered for producing Verve acts The Velvet Underground and The Blues Project. He's probably more famous for his studio work with Bob Dylan though.

I'm presuming that at this point the band had a change of image and direction because the next singles were in the folk rock/garage vein.

THE ENEMYS - 'Hey Joe!'/'My Dues Have Been Paid' (MGM K13525) 1966

Many bands in the 60s either recorded or played 'Hey Joe' at gigs and The Enemys were no different. This version is a little more restraint than the more famous offering by The Leaves.

So far, 'Hey Joe' is the only Enemys song to be compiled and that was years ago on Garagelands Volume 2.
The flip 'My Dues Have Been Paid' is far superior and is perhaps The Enemys finest moment. There's a really fantastic vocal part by Cory Wells, full of anguish and emotion. As far as I know the 45 sold well in some parts of America and was indeed a small hit.

THE ENEMYS - 'Mo-Jo Woman'/' My Dues Have Been Paid' (MGM K13573) 1966

The final Enemys record was the classy R'n'B rocker 'Mo-Jo Woman'. The band can be seen performing this song in an episode of The Beverley Hillbillies and they look the part in their Sunset Strip clothes and long hair. They also perform 'Pretty Woman' and a hot garage instrumental. I could do without the truely awful 60s dancing by the crowd and members of the Hillbillies though.

I'm not sure why 'My Dues Have Been Paid' was chosen to back 'Mo-Jo Woman' when it had already been used as a B-Side. Perhaps no other recordings were available and the release was somewhat rushed.

The Enemys soon split after this record with leader Cory Wells eventually joining forces with Producer and recording artist Danny Hutton to form Three Dog Night. I'd never heard anything by the latter before researching this post so checked out YouTube for some Dog music. For the record I don't want my ears to hear any of their music ever again nor do I need my eyes to again witness what I saw! Stick with The Enemys!!!

THE ENEMYS - Mo-Jo Woman

Thanks to Mike Dugo for The Enemys picture. Check out his outasite for more Enemys information and pics.


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