13. THE STOMACH MOUTHS - 'Wild Trip'/'Don't Put Me Down' (Mansi Sunlight 196025-01) 1985

One of the very best bands to hail from Sweden are mid 80s garage punk band The Stomach Mouths . With their fuzz and farfisa trademark sound combined with Stefan Kery's wild vocals the band built up a huge reputation and all of their records are hard to come by now.

This debut 45 appeared in '85 and was quickly sold out. It was pressed three times and the one I've got is the very first pressing with the band pic on the front cover. The second pressing has a 'monster' sleeve and the third has black and purple vinyl.

'Wild Trip' as the title suggests is indeed a 'wild' trip and is closer to the acid punk sound from '66. 'Don't Put Me Down' is more of a 'back from the grave' style garage winner with a break neck backbeat, fuzz and screaming vocals.

An undeniably GREAT 45 whatever era.