12. THE PROJECTILES - 'Some Things Never Change'/'I Need Somebody' (Jargon Records 1285006) 1986

The Projectiles came from Rochester, New York and probably formed after hearing Rochester's own garage royalty The Chesterfield Kings. Judging by the pic sleeve the band weren't exactly purist in their dress code with the baggy jeans, Magnum P.I. sunshades and the guy wearing what looks like Doc Martin boots.

The cover graphics are also of a low standard aswell. No doubt the combination of dodgy image and bad psych lettering would put some people off buying the 45. Fortunately, it didn't stop me.

'Some Things Never Change' is decent garage with snarled vocals and a constant high pitched farfisa organ in the mix. The flip is an OK cover of 'I Need Somebody' originally by ? and the Mysterians of course.

Both sides were recorded at Saxon Studios, Rochester in November 1985.

Dan Frank (vocals/guitar/tambourine)
Tony Pilato (farfisa organ)
Brian Goodman (drums)
Terry Flanagan (guitar)
Kevin Keefer (bass)


  1. Wow. It's nice to see people still interested in our band. I stsrted The Projectiles back in 1983 with Jerry Flanagan and Kevin Keefer, and the 45 was the result of us winning a battle of the bands ata very popular night club in Rochester. We won some recording time at Saxon Studios and enough cash to barely cover the cost of the pressing, hence the "low budget" look of the sleeve. You have a very nice blog by the way. Nice pics and great research too. Keep up the fine work.
    Dan Frank

  2. Thanks for dropping by Dan. I've been curious about The Projectiles for years.

    If you ever fancy providing more details about the band for my blog/readers via an interview email me at and I'll send you some questions to think about.


  3. an extreme "ejaculative" sound of 60's garage .

    dr.feelgood bar/athens/greece


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