07. PLASTICLAND - 'Pop! Op Drops' (Scadillac SC-3003) 1982

One of the very few bands that successfully re-made '67 era English psych during the 80s were Plasticland, especially on their early 45s. This 4 track EP released on Scadillac in 1982 was the second foray onto vinyl for this Milwaukee, Wisconsin group of acid heads.

'Pop! Op Drops' is inspired by LSD influenced music such as Tomorrow and Electric Banana (Pretty Things) and describes a magic sweet with a million different flavours all at once. Can you possibly imagine that?

All four songs on this EP are band originals:

Pop! Op Drops
The Garden In Pain
Driving Accident Prone

Plasticland releases on Scadillac are virtually impossible to come by now and when they do turn up they command high prices. The first Plasticland 45 'Mink Dress' went for $103 on Ebay last week!!!


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