06. PETER BERRY & The SHAKE SET - 'Berry Express' EP (Larsen Records LZ 090) 2008

There must be something in the water Norwegians drink that makes their musicians wanna pick up Rickenbacker and Fender guitars because it seems there's a never ending supply of real cool talent that releases a couple of 45s then are gone.

Hopefully, the latest set of beat kings will stay with us a little longer. If authentic 60s sounding merseybeat shakers is your bag then check out these lads. The band only use vintage equipment and utilize the famous Toe Rag Studios in London to get their analogue beatitude on tape.

This whole EP is GREAT beat, all are originals apart from 'Donna' (Ritchie Valens) but I'll choose 'Let Me' to sell the EP to you all. And look at the cover with the band larking about on a mini steam train. Absolutely priceless and pure 1964 (before groups decided they were too cool to lark about at photo shoots and wanted to be mean and moody like Them or The Pretty Things)

Band members go under an alias (they've given themselves English names such as Barry Brumble, Perry Dear, Peter Berry and Magnus Merrington (well apart from Magnus)....Peder Bernhardt used to be in one of my favourite bands The Indikation (they've split up sadly)

I found this photo of Peter Berry & The Shake Set in Frode Skjold's flickr pages, so thanks to Frode for this if you ever read my blog! The pic was taken at the 13th Floor Club, Oslo on the 15th February 2008.


  1. aaa...remember the guys...first heard em cause of Berry..
    great ;)

  2. Hi there. I'm glad you gave me a photo credit. I was also a member of The Indikation so i know this guys of course.


  3. I'm pleased you dropped by Edorf. The Indikation were a fantastic band. I've reviewed one of your 45s elsewhere on my blog.


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