15. PAUL MESSIS - 'Stuck In Society'/'The World Is Square' (State Records 002) 2009

There's a thread over on G45 at the moment started by some muppet who more or less stated nothing worth hearing was recorded after 1966. If I could be arsed to add a comment to this fool's thread I'd mention this crackin' 45 recorded in April 2009 at Shay Exotica Sandgate Sound Studios. That's in Kent by the way.

Paul Messis, from Billingshurst in West Sussex, is obviously multi talented with a need to reproduce the sounds of American teenbeat bands. These two songs are his originals and he's been helped along the way by members of The Higher State.
State Records is their label if you hadn't already figured it out.

There's promise of further recordings in the near future and hopefully they will also get a vinyl release. Highly recommended 45 to track down. Only 500 pressed so act now!