09. THE PANDORAS - 'It's About Time' (Moxie MM1044) 1984

The Pandoras were the darlings of the garage revival underground in Los Angeles and on their early releases on Moxie and Voxx, had a more than decent 60s punk style sound.
Unfortunately after a good start, internal conflict within the band and a change in direction to a hard rock sound lost The Pandoras any credibility they had.

It couldn't have helped signing to Elektra Records either....once a band leaves the underground that's usually bad news as far as I'm concerned.

Leader, Paula Pierce died of an aneurysm in 1991, aged only 31.

'It's About Time' from this 4 track EP on Moxie Records is the best thing The Pandoras ever recorded and is a classic folk rock jangler.

THE PANDORAS - It's About Time