03. BOYS FROM NOWHERE - 'Goin' Too Far'/'I Don't Bother' (Young Lion LR030) 1987

I've already reviewed the 'Jungle Boy' single by Columbus band Boys From Nowhere last month so here's another winner from them.

For their third 45 they decided to cover 'Goin' Too Far' by 60s Columbus heroes The Fifth Order. Not content to make a faithful version, Boys From Nowhere more or less inject some 70s punk crunch action in the mix, the guitars are sharp and snappy & Mick Divvens has that unique snarled warble, like he's been swallowing razorblades.....check it out on 'Hung On You - Part 1'.

The flip 'I Don't Bother' again sounds more 70s punk than 60s garage with a neat guitar sound.

The line up on this disc is completely different apart from mainstay Divvens.

Mark Poole (guitar)
Mick Divvens (vocals/guitar)
Todd Burge (bass)
Wes Poole (drums)