THE ALPHABETICAL ORDER - 'All Over The World (La La)' /'Miss Blue Eyes' (Rising Sons RS 45-710) July 1968

Here's an interesting 45 for you all to track down by the mysterious Alphabetical Order, seemingly from Louisville, Kentucky.
'All Over The World (La La)' is a pleasant pop song which reminds me of Rubber Soul era Beatles. It has a lovely harpsichord and guitar break mid way through the song with some cool 'La La's and 'Yeah's'. It could almost be Lennon.

This song was written by J. Corbitt and produced by Wayne Young.
The flip 'Miss Blue Eyes' is a well produced Go-Go type instrumental sounding very similar in style to those excellent Manfred Mann work-outs. It has a hammond organ and guitar interplay with a steady backbeat and touches of flute. It also has spoken lyrics low in the mix that I can't make out.

The swingin' Go-Go type Party music reminds me of some of those 60s Cop/Spy TV shows. Picture the scene...there's a blast going down at some hippie pad and the Heat burst through the door to unplug the amplifiers cos the squares just don't get it maan.. ha ha ha.

This tune was written by P.Stuart and produced by Ray Allen and Stuart Payne. It has never been compiled before. I comped 'All Over The World (La La) on Fragments Volume 1 for the U-Spaces group a few years ago but I'll probably have another go at mastering both sides for a future Gear!

THE ALPHABETICAL ORDER - 'All Over The World (La La)' /'Gonna Fight The War' (Soul Blvd 1002) May 1968

'All Over The World (La La)' also got released on Soul Blvd but with a different flip. On the B-Side of this release was the Emitt Rhodes song 'Gonna Fight The War'. This is a worthy cover version. I'd even make it equal if not better than the original by The Merry Go Round.

Updates from Max Waller:
As promised, here's additional info I have on Alphabetical Order.

The Lemco 45 is from September 1967, the Soul Blvd 45 is from May 1968.
The Rising Sons 45 is also listed as May 1968 but may be earlier.

'All Over The World (La La)' is a Youngbloods song, from their 1966 debut LP, written by Jerry Corbitt. It was also covered by St.Louis, MO. band "The Unknown?" (Cinema 6903, March 1968).

'All Over The World (La La)' and 'Gonna Fight The War' were produced by Wayne Young of Soul Inc..

Ray Allen, co-producer of 'Miss Blue Eyes', also produced 45s by The Chateaus (originally the Shadows) who included Frank Bugbee, later of Soul Inc..

I believe the line-up I gave in Fuzz was pieced together with help from Louisville contacts, probably a couple of the guys who were in Soul Inc. (whom I put in touch with Roger Maglio at Gear Fab, resulting in their 3 CDs). Turns out this was the band's second line-up, from 1967 onwards, which recorded their 45s.

Some time later, I got to hear about a book called Louisville's Own - unsurprisingly it's all about Louisville bands (1953-1983). Eventually secured a copy; it's a small 170-page softback by Brenda & Bill Woods, published in 1983 and long out-of-print.

The first band they feature is Alphabetical Order, with full details of line-ups, a brief history, and a couple of photos. Here's the bones of it:-
The band was formed in 1965 and lasted until 1969.

1965 line-up was:
Steve Alford (rhythm guitar)
Fred Davidson (lead guitar)
Mike Heitz (bass)
Bobby McMillan (drums)
Will "Buddy" Perryman (lead vocals)

In 1967 Alford, Heitz and McMillan were replaced by Bob McDaniel, Mike Crosby, and Bob Lamar respectively.

When they released their debut 45 they got a gig opening for the Beach Boys at the Freedom Hall, where they also played as backup band for the Boxtops.

thanks Max.....excellent information....EXPO67



  1. FYI: Richard "Buddy" Perryman's name is Will - not Richard. Will does however; have a brother named Richard
    Bobby McMillan

  2. Ronnie Brooks (that would be me) had replaced Fred Davidson on guitar by the time "All Over the World" was recorded. I had recorded previously with another Louisville band, The Oxfords, and played with bassist Mike Crosby a few years before that in a neighborhood garage band. The Alphabetical Order actually appeared with the Box Tops in Lexington at U of K—not Freedom Hall—as the opening act (rather than being the Box Tops' "backup band").

    1. Ronnie - I was in a band in Dallas with Bob McDaniel and I'm trying to track him down. Do you have any idea where he might be?


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