23. THE UNCLAIMED - 'Ugh' (Hysteria Records HLP 1300) 1983

I've written about The Unclaimed a couple of times on my blog and no doubt I'll write about them in the future because I think they're one of the most authentic sounding non '66 punkers ever. Some would say a perfect example of a band operating in the wrong time zone.

'Ugh' from the Hysteria Records six track mini LP titled 'Primordial Ooze Flavoured' is a fuzzadelic wig out and I hope to give it some exposure on a 'Hung On You' podcast in the future, but until then my moptop freaks you'll have to make do with looking at this promo picture of The Unclaimed.
Long Ryders frontman Sid Griffin is pictured but by the time the band recorded 'Ugh' he had departed.