35. THE TRIP - Stick Like Glue (Voxx Records 200.019) 1984

The second and last song by The Trip to be compiled was 'Stick Like Glue' written by Tom Neale. This garage psych winner appeared on Greg Shaw's 'Battle Of The Garages' Vol 2.

I wonder if the Don Ciccone in The Trip is the same person who was a member of The Critters and wrote their famous song 'Mr Dieingly Sad'

Answers on a postcard as they say....

Tom Neale (guitar, organ, vocals)
Don Ciccone (guitar, vocals)
Steve Balestra (bass)
Vic Gentile (drums)

Don Ciccone from The Trip recently got in touch and confirmed that he is NOT Don Ciccone from The Critters. He has provided the following information:

Funny you should mention the unreleased tape. it was supposed to come out in the 80s on a label called Sounds Interesting out of New Jersey but they folded. The problem was always that we didn't quite have enough tracks for an album. We had something like 8 songs.
Some label in Australia wants to put it out but again they want us to find extra tracks.

We did record a different version of "Stick Like Glue" - with 12 string and organ. Right now we're trying to go thru the tapes and see what's there.
I don't know how Tim Gassen got the tape. That was a surprise, seeing us in that book.
We got a LOT of fan mail when those two songs came out on those comps and a fair amount of press, considering.

Tom Neale and i still work together, writing songs and jamming. The other guys are on the East Coast but we're all still in touch. I'd love to put the band together again.


  1. no, i'm not the same don ciccone as the critters guy (sorry don).
    and "stick like glue" was our first release. "never too late for linda" was second. - don


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