36. THE TRIP - 'Never Too Late For Linda' (Goldmine tape A-135) March 1985

Goldmine Magazine sponsored the cassette only release of new bands with that 60s influence calling it 'Garage Sale!' Most of the bands on it had previous releases on small labels such as The Gravedigger V, The Tell Tale Hearts, The Fuzztones and The Unclaimed.
I was more interested in the bands that didn't have much or any exposure before and one of those bands that stood out were The Trip.

The liners of the tape state that they hailed from San Francisco. 'Never Too Late For Linda' has got some choice fuzz and a spooky sounding organ. The band also had a song called 'Stick Like Glue' compiled on Voxx LP 'Battle Of The Garages Volume 2'.

But apart from these two songs mentioned that was it from The Trip, although Tim Gassen mentions in his book 'The Knights Of Fuzz' they have an unreleased tape of material that has never seen the light of day.

THE TRIP - Never Too Late For Linda


  1. yes there is an unreleased tape of Trip material.
    you might be interested to know that "Never Too late for Linda" was covered by San Francisco's Angel Corpus Christi which came out on a CD called THE 80's on the Gulcher label.


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