27. TINA PEEL - 'More Than Just Good Looks EP' (Dacoit/Limp Records) 1978

Now this is a funny old record by a band from Harrisburg, PA called Tina Peel. The music on offer could probably be described as bubblegum punk and judging by the image of the group it's a very much post '77 punk rock and pre New Wave look, so I don't think they're meant to be taken too seriously.

'Punk Rock Janitor' from the EP is a live recording but the sleeve doesn't indicate if it was from a gig. According to the sleeve though, all four songs were recorded in producer Jeff Meglio's basement, so maybe this was a one take run through.

"I wanna run my fingers thru Sylvain's hair
Sniff Debbie Harry's underwear
Dish the dirt with Deb O'Nair
I wanna be a punk rock janitor"

Tina Peel included in their ranks Rudi Protrudi and Deb O'Nair. All songs were written by Protrudi including 'Fabian Lips', a song he would demo with his next band The Fuzztones in 1983.

There were originally 450 EPs released with a picture sleeve. My copy is one of a handful with the title hand coloured in yellow. It's also signed by Rudi.

TINA PEEL - Punk Rock Janitor