THE LEARS - Her Magic Smile

40. THE LEARS - 'Her Magic Smile'/'Don't You Know' (Misty Lane Records 028) 1995

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  1. Wow! I was so surprised to see my old band's single included on your great blog! I'm Dennis Dalcin (guitar/vocals) with The Lears. Both of these songs are ones that I wrote & sang lead on. These were ever only very rough mixes and NOT the way we really wanted them to sound. We were asked by Massimo of Misty Lane Records if we would allow him to release these as a single on his label. We were glad to finally have something recorded in a real recording studio get released. Our our previous releases were from recordings done on a 4-track machine that Paul Mutchler had, and they were recorded in a garage! They were true garage recordings! I too believe we never reached our peak musically before the band split after first Paul then I moved back to Clearwater/St Petersburg respectively. Thanks for your support of The Lears!!

  2. Hi!

    i've bought on ebay a Lears single and found it very cool so
    then I ordered the cd and today i've listened to it and it's great

    anyway i was sure you've talked about this band because it's your kind of music (jangly garage things) and it's very good

    so i went to the blog and see that as i supposed you've already done a couple of post on this nice band :)

    well nice done as usual, as i previously said in a recent comment on your blog, i would love to discover more about these 80s and 90s bands who have (well) done such kind of music


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