22. THE KLIEK - 'Me Right Now'/'Nothing's Changed' (Twist Records 6) 1993

Amsterdam was the home of this fine combo who mixed obscure Euro beat and American garage with their own compositions. They built up a massive reputation with their live performances and released many records on various indie labels in the late 80s and early 90s.

'Me Right Now' is a faithful rendition of The Remains classic and The Kliek really do the song justice. Covering a song by the legendary Remains could have been a disaster but thankfully they pull it off with astute skill and a decent production.

The flip 'Nothing's Changed' is a moody beat song originally recorded by The Zombies and is another winner.

Robert Muter (vocals)
Marcel Kruup (guitar)
Theo Brouwer (bass)
The Gub (drums)

When The Kliek disbanded in the mid 90s Robert Muter formed Kek'66.