29. THE CLIQUE - 'Reggie'/'She Doesn't Need You Anymore' (Detour Records DR 014) July 1994

There's been plenty of bands calling themselves The Clique down the years and in the 90s there just happened to be another combo with this moniker. This particular Clique were a set of London mods armed with a swingin' hammond organ and a nice range of shirts and circle lens sunglasses.

'Reggie' is a decent attempt at mod psych I suppose but it could have done with a bone crunchin' lead guitar solo or perhaps some fuzz. The flip 'She Doesn't Need You Anymore' lasted about 10 seconds on my turntable before the record was swiftly dispatched back in it's sleeve. Way too much brass on it for me to cope with. It sounds like friggin' Dexy's Midnight Runners and sent shivers down my spine.

The record sold well though and 4 pressings were made between July 1994 and June 1995 with a final count of 2,500 copies



  1. A brilliant encapusaltion from a period where, from an outsiders view, the UK mod scene was being swallowed up by "Brit-pop" and a handful of genuinely "60's" sounding records (many c/o the wonderful Toe Rag studios) were holding the line.

  2. Great tune, i had all their singles. Wonder what they are up to now? The mp3 link doesn't seem to work on this tune, any reason why???

  3. The music link works to listen to but it's not a downloadable one.

  4. Ah, that'd be why then. Nice to hear a classic again. Doesn't look like there'll be a CD release of all their Detour release's any time soon. Oh, memories it'll have to be.....


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