28. BOYS FROM NOWHERE - 'Jungle Boy'/'1966' (Young Lion LR020) 1986

Conflicting sources indicate either a Columbus or Youngstown location in Ohio for this garage punk band led by singer/songwriter Mick Divvens.

Boys From Nowhere released three powerful 45s in the mid 80s with an influential nod towards The Lyres/DMZ. Mick Divvens has an almost 70s punk rock vocal attack. 'Jungle Boy' came out on their own label which apparently sold poorly at the time but is now a sought after collectors item. The song was compiled on 'Declaration Of Fuzz'...

Despite the negative comments made by Tim Gassen in his 'The Knights Of Fuzz' book I can recommend the first three Boys From Nowhere singles and another one of their 45s will feature higher in my Top 50 at some point.


Johnny Bernardo (drums)
Ted Nagel (bass)
Mick Divvens (vocals/vox organ)
Eric Martin (backing vocals on '1966')
Charlie McNeil (guitar)


  1. The Boys From Nowhere were amazing, I feel priviledged to have been able to see them play live in NYC in 1985. "1966" is still one of my fave U.S. 80's garage records. Johnny Benardo was one of the best drummers I've ever seen. And for the record I don't think Tim Gassen knew what he was writing about half the time. Trust me, I was there, TBFN were rockin'.

  2. Hi Wiltomer - they MUST have been a killer band in their early days. I've heard this from different people on numerous occassions.

  3. Hey, I have the 3 first singles of the Boys From Nowhere as well as an australian 7" with No Reason To Live/1966. Also own the Spanish release that has a few other songs (Don't Make Me Laugh/Walk A Fine Line/Teardrop etc...) but what really bug me is this : I have mp3s of 6 songs (Indefinite Inhibition/Wild Man/Ain't No Friend Of Mine/Hang Up/I Need You and Talk Talk)and after tons of researche I can't figure out where they come from, and it's driving me nuts. Any ideas?


    ps: check my blog ( it has an interview with Mick Divens as well as an article on the Boys From Nowhere from 85

    1. Chris- wicked old post here but I just found it - searching for our version of Hang Up!
      this is Ted Nagel, I played bass for the original BFN line up. We were in Columbus at that time. Youngstown guys came later...
      The songs you have on mp3 were recorded IIRC at the same time as Jungle Boy/66. I loved the Need you version with Charlie playing with a metal pick! Charlie M. (guitar) may have put them out into the web-o-sphere without the blessing of Mick, who controlled that activity. I've got them on cassette...going to dig that up later.
      I'm now F@(=Book friends with Tim Gasson...also a Columbus music scene prodigy. I had to crack up about his review of BFN!
      Cheers, Ted

    2. Plenty more where that came from :)

  4. Thanks've done some good work on your blog. Scanning those pages and uploading takes a lot of time and effort.

    I'll be spending many hours reading those.

    I've also linked your blog with mine so hopefully you'll get some traffic going your way.


  5. Hey man,
    thanks a lot. Hope you enjoy the read, I might scan some more soon.
    So anyway, no ideas as to where those BFN tracks come from?

  6. I'm no Boys From Nowhere expert so sadly don't know anything about those songs you've got as MP3s.

    One person who may know something about them is Blair Buscareno. Try contacting him.

  7. Well, I used to correspond a bit with Mick D back in the late 80s. I sent him a tape of my wyld radio show braodcast weekly on FM, and in return, he sent me a limited to 200 copies pressing with pic sleeve of "Indefinite Inhibition" with "1966" on the flip.
    "Beg" is my fave tune on the old Goldmine Garage Sale tape.


  8. I have the Going Too Far single and it smokes. along with the album, that features a full-tilt version of Vietnamese Baby!

  9. Columbus, Ohio. Also, Matthew Specktor's book That Summertime Sound (MTV Books) is a fictionalized version of his time with Mick in the 80's Columbus music scene.

    This is from a local magazine reporting about Specktor's reading in Columbus with Mick:


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