Part 9, DOLPHIN - Let's Get Together

DOLPHIN - 'Let's Get Together' / 'Grubb's Blues' (Phoenix PH 3) 1968

Paul Dowell (bass), Bob Berberich (drums) and George Daly (rhythm guitar) quit The Hangmen in mid '67 and attracted hot young lead guitarist Nils Lofgren from a local group and they called themselves Dolphin.

'Let's Get Together' is a fast and heavy version of the 'hippie' anthem recorded by several bands in the sixties. The song is notable for some fierce skin action by Bob Berberich.

The flip 'Grubb's Blues' is a Nils Lofgren original but the credits on the label display Nils Lothgrin (typo?) and it's another stripped down and basic late 60s rock and roll, heavy on the bass and brought to life with some great lead guitar by Lofgren.

Both sides were produced by Richard Gottehrer from The Strangeloves.

Here's the Dutch picture sleeve for 'Let's Get Together' / 'Grubb's Blues' by Dolphin. It's an appaling cover, maybe one of the worst I've seen. First off they couldn't even get the song title right, they have it as 'Let's Together' and even worse still, those things don't look like friggin' Dolphin's to me (if that's what the designer was trying to capture)

The band had a further 45 'It's Better To Know You' / 'Time I Saw You' released on Sire Records in 1969 but I've not heard it before. This release was with a slight change in band name to Paul Dowell and the Dolphin.