Part 2, THE HANGMEN - Faces

THE HANGMEN - 'Faces' / 'Bad Goodbye' (Monument 951) June 1966

The Hangmen had been basking in the limelight for several months following the big local hit 'What A Girl Can't Do'. It must have been weird though for the band members who didn't play on this record, apart from Tom Guernsey of course, who wrote their first hit 45 and played lead guitar on the platter.

The Hangmen were pop stars in Washington D.C. and even performed for the Kennedy's at some posh gig and appeared at the 'Giant Record Shop' in Falls Church, Virginia attracting thousands of teens hoping for a piece of The Hangmen action.

But the heat was on for the current line-up to come up with a follow-up record to maintain their popularity. That new recording was a George Daly/Tom Guernsey original called 'Faces'.
'Faces' is a tuff fuzztoned rocker and the combination of incessant fuzz and tambourine makes for THEE classic '66 punk sound.

The flip 'Bad Goodbye' is also a band original, again written by the Daly/Guernsey partnership. This time though the pace is slowed right down to reveal a mournful folk rock tune similar in style and sound to those great Val Stoecklein compositions with The Blue Things.
There is a slight Dylanesque vocal delivery from Dave Ottley and a mellow harmonica break.

Monument Records decided to promote the record and a full page advert appeared in trade magazine Billboard signalling it's release.
Over the years this 45 has become a highly sought after disc by the garage aficionado.

"Faces" was compiled in 1987 on '60s Choice - Volume 1' coming out on a French label called GMG. I bought this LP when it first came out and it was on this compilation that I first ever heard 'Faces'.
"Bad Goodbye" remains uncompiled.

The picture at the top of this post was printed in the Maryland News on the 16th June, 1966 and shows band members rubbing shoulders with Newton I Steers Jr, a Republican candidate wearing unfeasibly high waisted pants.... Back in '66 such was the elevated position of a rock band that mixing with them could win more votes. Now of course candidates just kiss a baby's head.


  1. Great work! 'Faces' has some nice 12-string. Nice fusion of fuzz and folk-rock. Maybe the Hangmen got inspired from those shows where the Byrds and the Stones shared the bill?


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