Part 10, GRAFFITI - He's Got The Knack

GRAFFITI - 'He's Got The Knack' / 'Love In Spite' (ABC 11123) 1968

The third band to form from the ashes of The Hangmen were Graffiti. The band had previously been called Button and contained ex Hangmen singer Tony Taylor and George Strunz who had replaced George Daly in The Hangmen in early '67 before they decided to split.
Button relocated to Greenwich Village from Washington D.C. and changed their name to Graffiti then signed to ABC Records. The only Graffiti music I've heard are the two cuts from their first 45. 'He's Got The Knack', a killer psych/prog cross-over appeared on the sought after compilation album 'World Of Acid'....
Graffiti released an album on ABC which is now becoming a collector's item. By all accounts it is a good album and well worth checking out. The band released a final 45 in 1969 'Do You Feel Sorry?'/ 'Girl On Fire'...


  1. the Graffiti LP is good. sort of like Moby Grape turning into early Yes--West Coast progressive pop morphing into early progressive rock, with plenty of tricky moments. Not as satisfying as the Grape, or as deep--pure formalism--but mighty nice.

  2. I picked up a copy of the Graffiti LP at an Estate Sale for $1 last week. Vinyl M-, Cover VG. The sound production seems very good and the playing is very tight, but the songwriting seems to meander, as if they were discovering or making up the tune as they went along, and then did not bother to go back and revise it. They appear to be striving for a sense of spontaneity and unpredictability. At any given moment it is not clear what direction the tune will take next. There are lots of 60's psych effects to make it clear what genre they were after.



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