THE OMEGAS - 'I Can't Believe' / 'Mr. Yates' (United Artists UA 50247) 1968

Following the demise of The Hangmen in mid 1967 the group more or less split into three factions, each one becoming a recording band. Tom Guernsey hooked up with former Reekers singer Joe Triplett and they called themselves The Omegas.

'I Can't Believe' is a catchy mod swinger that really lifts off with some killer fuzz leads and incisive female backing vocals fron The Jewels. The song appears to be relatively obscure but I'm certain it has all the right ingrediants for today's European mod DJs... It's certainly a record that will increase in value once it is 'discovered'.

The flip 'Mr Yates' is completely different and it's almost like listening to a different group. It's a piano based introspective song that has a late 60s English folk vibe.

I asked Tom about these recordings for United Artists. Here's his response.

'Mr. Yates' (and the "a" side "I Can't Believe") were recorded in Edgewood studios in Washington D.C. engineered by Ed Green, who later became very well known in L.A. for his sound work.

"I Can't Believe" was recorded on a 4 track machine (this was 1968!)....we recorded 3 tracks of rhythm, bounced those down to 1 track and then put the vocals on 2 of the now empty tracks and then double tracked the bass on the other empty track because we felt it did not cut through enough...Ed Green, the engineer at Edgewood said to me "Tom, someday I will get an 8 track machine and you will figure out a way to fill all 8 tracks!"