43. THE HYPNOMEN - 'Trip With Satan' (Gearhead RPM 014) May 2000

Having a 'trip with satan' is one of the things I'd never want to do in my life but it's a good title and this mini album by The Hypnomen should have been highly recommended by myself but unfortunately the drum beats sound WAY too modern for my taste. The production is also clean and tidy, it's as if all of the life has been sucked out of the tunes for the modern mod set. 'Sunstroke Dreamer' a more laid back instro is not as annoying.

If you don't know about The Hypnomen, they're from Helsinki (I think) and their early 45s are cool surf garage style instros. By 2000 though it sounds like they're playing by numbers.
So this enters my list of 50 purely because I dig the cover, which rips off the poster for 60s flick 'Girl On A MotorCycle'....