HURRAH - The Sun Shines Here

49. HURRAH! - 'The Sun Shines Here' / 'I'll Be Your Surprise' (Kitchenware Records SK2) April 1982

In my mid teens I was quick off the blocks to get into the early indie guitar bands, mostly because almost everything else didn't thrill me and this was before I'd discovered 60s garage.
Anyway, Hurrah! came from my local City of Newcastle so I was clearly interested especially after reading a review of the record in one of the music weeklies (could have been either Sounds, NME or Melody Maker).

Even after all of these years 'The Sun Shines Here' still has a certain charm with it's edgy jangling guitar and sparse production. This of course became the template for most of the English indie guitar bands that followed. This record was released in April 1982 so it's one of the first of the genre.

I remember seeing them perform live at a local Night Club in Sunderland (probably 1983) and talked to singer/guitarist David Hughes about 60s stuff. At that time he sported a mental haircut with a fringe some two inches away from his eyebrows. It was one of those psychiatric hospital inmate cuts possibly fashioned by a blind and thumbless barber.

"Woke up to the smell of fresh cut grass,
The jangling guitars in my ears"....

HURRAH! - The Sun Shines Here


  1. I have this on a LP collection of their early singles. It's by far the best song on it and I even recall spinning it a couple of times when I've dj'ed. Looking forward to seeing what other 80s stuff you're into.


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