Final Part 11, THE HANGMEN - Round-Up

At the start of my research into the story of The Hangmen and the various off-shoot bands, I put together a compilation of all of their 45s including The Omegas. All tracks were mastered from my originals, meaning you'll be hard pressed to hear them in better sound unless of course you have your own mint records.

By the way all of these records can be found at a reasonable price but I have noticed that 'Faces' is commanding a higher price than previously. Anyway, I decided to send a copy of my Hangmen retrospective to Tom Guernsey and anyone who made a comment via my blog FREE of charge (I didn't even want the shipping costs). Sadly only two comments rec'd despite getting at least 400 hits per day.

According to Tom Guernsey, Monument Records was bought out by Sony in the 70s and the likelyhood of ever seeing a legit Hangmen CD are slim to say the least. Sundazed records have made some enquiries apparently, so you never know.

You can find the following songs on these comps. Sound quality obviously varies from decent to poor:

The Hangmen - 'Faces' - '60s Choice Volume 1'
The Hangmen - 'What A Girl Can't Do' - 'Psychotic Moose & the Soul Searchers'
Graffiti - 'He's Got The Knack' - 'World Of Acid' and 'Turds On A Bum Ride Volume 3'
The Omegas - 'I Can't Believe' - 'I'm Trippin' Alone'


  1. Thanks for sending this to me. Great stuff. I do prefer the four early cuts written by the band members. I wonder why they didn't stick to releasing originals because their song writing was definately above average. Maybe they just wanted to see if they could have a hit? Makes me wonder if they have any unreleased demos lying around...


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