45. THE BOGEYMEN - 'You've Got No Scruples'/'Let Me Give You My Love'/'Gimme A Little Sign' (Detour Records DR 008) Nov 1993

I wrote about the very first Bogeymen 45 'You Are My Friend'/'Candy' on my blog ages ago and if you want to read about it and check out the cover just follow the labels below.

This three song single was their third 45 and it contains three excellent mod cuts with a reverential nod to The Small Faces. 'You've Got No Scruples' being the stand out.
Detour Records had the good grace to release this sought after disc in a period style cover. Full marks to the designer because it suits the band's style perfectly.
They pressed an initial 1000 copies with a second pressing of 500 shortly after.


  1. Back in the '90s, when I used to listen to a *lot* of neo-garage stuff, these two 7-inches + their CD on Dig! were among my absolute favourites. Need to dig them out again now.


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