THE KNICKERBOCKERS - 'Lies' / 'The Coming Generation' (Challenge 59321) Nov 1965

If straight forward, high energy 60s rock played by musicians with slicked back hair is your bag, then look no further than The Knickerbockers.
The band were from the New Jersey area and cut their teeth playing other people's music, especially material by The Beatles.

They relocated to Los Angeles in the Autumn of 1965 and signed a deal with Challenge Records and became the house band on TV Show 'Where The Action Is'
'Lies' was eventually a sizable hit after a slow start. I say eventually because Challenge Records began promoting the mediocre folk rocker 'The Coming Generation' as the top side. Thankfully someone, somewhere saw sense and 'Lies' was elevated as the tune to deliver the goods and it certainly does that.

Obvious comparisons are The Beatles when they rocked out on songs such as 'I'm Down' or 'I Feel Fine'. BUT, The Knickerbockers are allowed to be more raw and aggressive or perhaps it just came out that way.
THE KNICKERBOCKERS - Lies (mono 45 version)


  1. Such a great tune there's a vid for it on youtube too - reminds me of Beatles For Sale period Fabs

  2. Yes, totally agree, lovely tune, and such a great band those guys were!


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