KEITH ALLISON - Action, Action, Action

KEITH ALLISON - 'Action, Action, Action' (Columbia CL 2641) 1966

'In Action' is a recommended album by Keith Allison to track down for those 60s freaks (like myself) into the more commercial sounds of the day.

Allison got his big break in the music business by simply looking like Paul McCartney. He moved to Los Angeles from Texas in '65 to seek work and ended up going to hang out joint The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood on the day that the film crew of TV programme 'Where The Action Is' were recording for the show.

He was spotted in the 'in-crowd' sitting watching bands perform and because of his likeness to Macca was asked to return and be part of the 'Where The Action Is' set week in and week out.

This break and popularity with the girls led him to record a one off album deal with Columbia Records who spared no expense in getting the top musicians of the L.A. scene and producer Gary Usher to nail the sound down on tape.

The result is a time capsule of sunset strip sounds similar to Paul Revere and the Raiders (he would later end up as a member of The Raiders) with the odd Donovan folk rock song thrown in to vary the sounds and pace of the album...

One song from the album is the fuzz mover 'Action, Action, Action' written by Boyce and Hart. This garage rocker would have been perfect for The Monkees.
I don't know if Boyce and Hart ever offered the song to them but it was their loss if they didn't want it.
KEITH ALLISON - Action, Action, Action


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