IPSISSIMUS - 'Hold On'/'Lazy Woman' (Parlophone R 5774) April 1969

Ipsissimus were a four piece outfit from Barking, Essex and the 45 on Parlophone was sadly their only offering. Both sides of the disc were produced by former Beatles engineer Norman Smith and legendary English DJ John Peel also gets a production credit.

'Hold On' is an updated heavy psychedelic rendition of the Rupert's People mod mover and can be found on Rubble 3 'Nightmares In Wonderland'.
Les Fluer De Lys also recorded the tune with female singer Sharon Tandy.

The Ipsissimus version is a fuzz & wah wah creation that no doubt would have sounded exciting as fuck listening to it on Peel's 'Perfumed Garden' radio show.
The flip 'Lazy Woman' is a band original written by bass player and singer Steve Oliver. This time 'round the band display their obvious talent with a full on blues rocker and considering that the blues was making something of a comeback in England during this period Ipsissimus may have faired better with this song as the one to push.
John Peel gave the record plenty of exposure but the single sold poorly and Ipsissimus never set foot in a recording studio again.
band line-up:

Steve Oliver (bass/vocals)
Len Deathridge (lead guitar)
Tony Sales (guitar)
Reg King (drums)

Thanks to "Pop Cycles" compiler and Shindig! contributor Paul Martin for the scans of The Ipsissimus single.
It's also worth noting that the song 'Hold On' has been recorded by several different outfits aswell as the ones already mentioned in my posting. Here's a full list:
Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys – Hold On (Atlantic, 1967 and 1968)
Ipsissimus – Hold On (Parlophone, 1969)
Jason Crest – Hold On (on the 10th Planet radio sessions LP).
The Gun – Hold On (radio version on volume 2 of Shapes & Sounds).
Rupert's People – Hold On (on Circle Recs LP)
Johnny Young – Hold On (1968 LP "Surprises.")
possible version by Chris Andrews – Hold On (1967) (comped on Oddities Vol.2 LP) I don't have this compilation but if anyone knows for sure let me know...thanks

Planet Mondo said...
The Ippi and Sharon versions are both rockers, I opened my 33 and a 3rd eye mix with it
26 June 2009 23:21


  1. Regards John Peel's production credit, I'm not entirely sure that it was Peelie co- twiddling the knobs on this with Norman Smith, but more likely record producer Jonathon Peel - bit of class though - I've got the Ruperts People and Les Fleus de Lyes versions, been after this version for a while too!

  2. Thanks Eightball for your input.

  3. From 1984 to 2010 there was a record store in Sweden called "Hold on Records". Guess where they got the name from? It was played on swedish radio 1969 and my friend taped it, then in 1984 when my friend and I decided to start up a record store it was easy to figure a name for the store as we both loved the Ipsissimus version.

  4. Thanks fro the information on this great (both sides!) single, I am going to use it on a heavy blues comp at www.aftersabbath.com I'll let you know when it's up.


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