THE SUPERFINE DANDELION - 'Crazy Town' (Move On Little Children) / 'Janies Tomb' (Mainstream Records 673) 1967

The Superfine Dandelion came together after the demise of garage band The Mile Ends. The latter scoring huge points for their '66 Stones type raver 'Bottle Up And Go'.
Main offenders, guitarist and chief songwriter Mike McFadden and bass player Ed Black then teamed up and changed their musical direction with The Superfine Dandelion.

'Janies Tomb' has been compiled before and it's a strange tale of deceit, murder and necrophilia all moving along innocently with acoustic guitar, gentle bass and neatly packaged like those Lovin' Spoonful obscurities.

'Crazy Town' (Move On Little Children) has got a west coast vibe throughout with use of some flute filling the sound. Both sides are on The Superfine Dandelion album released on Mainstream Records however, 'Crazy Town' is an extended mix. The shorter and punchier mono 45 version has not showed up anywhere before and was not part of The Superfine Dandelion re-issue (with bonus cuts) on Sundazed which is now sadly deleted and not even mentioned anymore on the Sundazed web site.


  1. Uff...such a lovely band!
    Really dig these guys, and their lp is fantastiq!

    I posted their lp and cd with bonus long long time ago...

    Thanks for this one!


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