S.J. & The CROSSROADS - Funny Woman

S.J. & The CROSSROADS - 'Funny Woman' 1966

Another band with six members were a set of school kids from Beaumont, Texas called S.J. and the Crossroads. They were locally famous for having a group member with the widest gait in pop music. That's him pictured right out in front.

'Funny Woman' was never released in the 60s and it remained unheard until Texas Punk Volume 10 (Cicadelic Records) compiled it in 1987. The song was recorded in drummer S.J. Serio's garage.

S.J. and the CROSSROADS - Funny Woman


  1. Great song! The organ sound is thee best sound! Thanks for posting.

  2. Heard these guys MANY times at various parties and dances around town when I was in high school. GREAT party band in their day. I ended up with the bass player, Philip Battaglia's Fender Jazz bass and still gig with it today!


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