THE ROGUES - Wanted: Dead Or Alive

THE ROGUES - 'Wanted: Dead Or Alive' / 'One Day' (Living Legend LL-723) 11/1965

This was an early Michael Lloyd and Shaun Harris oufit. Those two of course would eventually form The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. But it's still 1965 on this record and they're probably just messing about in the studio under the supervision of Living Legend Records owner Kim Fowley.

'Wanted: Dead Or Alive' is the best 'Hey Joe' re-write you'll ever hear. It's killer from start to finish and of course pure Hollywood, Sunset Strip. The flip 'One Day' is another folk rock gem but this tune is moody and fragile.

THE ROGUES - Wanted:Dead Or Alive

Tom, a regular reader of my blog sent me the following information about The Rogues.

Hello Colin: I remembered seeing something about this tune... and had to search it out. Its in The Trash Box (box CD set) on Hit Records. Cd #1 / cut 18.In the booklet the set comes with ... Wanted Dead Or Alive, there's a story behind the tune...quote ...

This amazing, slow re-write of "Hey Joe" features some rather well known names behind its nondescript monicker. Masterminded by Kim Fowley, it was recorded in a Hollywood bedroom in '65, while the Byrds and The Leaves were on the air with the original "Hey Joe" and a thousand garage bands across the land were trying to work out the song for themselves.

Kim's inspiration was to keep the chords and the feel of the hit. adding new lyrics and making it a sequel. Shaun Harris, soon to form the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, handed the vocals, while hotshot teen mogul Michael Lloyd(who's still around as a hit producer) kept time drumming with his knuckles on the floor. One of them, or some other legendary L.A. character,played a marvellous raga-rock guitar solo ...

Colin I liked this tune right off ... the backing vocal reminded me of a Ennio Morricone spaghetti western sound track.Best Regards:TomK


  1. Very nice.

    You can download two versions of Shaun Harris' "I'll Cry Out From My Grave" at my blog:

  2. indeed, very niceee....
    cheers mate.

  3. markus blitzkrieg20 April 2010 at 23:40

    the rogues 45 even came out in germany on ariola in a nice art sleeve. ariola germany released several more or less obscure garage/psych 45s from the us in the mid sixties. great blog by the way!

  4. I am selling my Ariola pressing on ebay Thanks


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