THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION - Trouble Comin' Every Day

THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION - 'Trouble Comin' Every Day' / 'Who Are The Brain Police?' (Verve VK-10458) 1966

I suppose The Mothers Of Invention are an acquired taste and I've never had my mind opened enough to let Frank Zappa into my little world except for the garage jewel 'Trouble Comin' Every Day'.
It was produced by Tom Wilson who also worked with many bands in the mid 60s including The Velvet Underground, The Blues Project and Bob Dylan.

I've done some brief research about the song and Zappa once confirmed that it was his response to watching the 1965 Watts Riots in Los Angeles on television.

The Verve Records archives indicate that 'Trouble Comin' Every Day' was recorded at their New York studios in October 1966.

THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION - Trouble Comin' Every Day


  1. I was in a band once (The Atones) that played only one cover song and this was it. Seems to me that Zappa said it might have gotten some airplay because folks thought it was The Rolling Stones...

  2. Both sides of this single are great! I wish I could get my hands on a copy of it. Maybe someday...

    Keep up the good work here!


  3. I agree totally with your comments about Zappa, the early Mothers LPs
    have a fair few gems on them, but you have to wade through a load of drek to get to them. This is a good
    Dylan/Stones clash, but I personally rate the B side as the cream.


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