JOHNNY THUNDER - 'I'm Alive' / 'Verbal Expressions Of T.V. (Disques Vogue Int. 80182) April 1969

'Im Alive' is an outrageous mod swinger with crunchin' fuzz and awesome vocals by Johnny Thunder. He started out as a lead singer for The Drifters in the late 50s then went solo. Non of his music apart from this memorable two sider is 'Flower Bomb Song' material.

I'm Alive' is a Tommy James and the Shondells cover. The original is also great but lacks the vocal prowess of Mr Thunder. Unsurprisingly, the 45 is a sought after disc by European mods hip to the killer sound.

The flip 'Verbal Expressions Of T.V.' is a weird funkadelic work-out.

This 45 was first released in USA on Calla Records in late '68.


  1. I am intrigued! Where da linkee is?

  2. No MP3s for Johnny Thunder tracks cos they're gonna be on Gear! Volume 16.

  3. Also cut by Don Fardon (formerly of The Sorrows)!


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