THE INNOCENCE - The Day Turns Me On

THE INNOCENCE - 'The Day Turns Me On (The Buffering Song)' / 'It's Not Gonna Take Too Long' (Kama Sutra KA237) Oct 1967

Songwriting team and staff producers at Kama Sutra, Vinnie Poncia and Peter Anders were the force behind The Innocence. They also wrote songs recorded by previous group The Videls and contributed 'Bad Misunderstanding' for The Critters and 'Mind Excursion' for The Tradewinds. They both may also have had links with The Vacels.

The non LP 45 side 'The Day Turns Me On' is as the title suggests a 'good time' song where all worries are gone and the sun is on your face. Cool harmonies and punchy bass are it's strong point and clocking in at just over two minutes it's a mystery how this summer of love type tune was not a hit record. Maybe the October release was just too much out of time.

The flip 'It's Not Gonna Take Too Long' is lite pop and was included on their album which is recommended for those into well produced 60s pop music. Gotta dig those leather jackets on those Greek statues.