CREATION OF SUNLIGHT - 'David' / 'The Fun Machine' (Windi 1005) 1968

Until recently very little was known about Creation Of Sunlight. Their album on Windi Records was virtually unseen let alone heard. Fortunately a bootleg CD appeared sometime in the 90s and it was from this bootleg that they became known to me. The album has since been re-issued legally and several band members have been located.

It is now known that the band were from Long Beach, California and when they formed, they named themselves Sunlight Seven, then simply Sunlight. The band never recorded, performed or referred to themselves as Creation Of Sunlight. That was only supposed to be the title of the album!
At the time of their formation in the Summer of 1968 they were all still in High School.

'David' and 'The Fun Machine' were re-recordings for the small Windi label. 'David' in particular is a perfect lite psych tune with touches of fuzz guitar, organ and that California love-vibe. Comparisons with the more jazzy Strawberry Alarm Clock tunes are obvious.
It was written by Gene Rigalski. He's not listed as a band member? 

........the sound of young ambition.........

Clear Light said...
David also turned up on another Windi 45 coupled with Sunlight's excellent heavy psych version of Judy in Disguise (with glasses.)