THE BYRDS - I Wasn't Born To Follow

THE BYRDS - 'I Wasn't Born To Follow' / 'Child Of The Universe' (CBS 4572) Sept 1969

The first time I heard the song 'I Wasn't Born To Follow' was while watching the counter-culture film 'Easy Rider'. To say this tune blew my mind is an understatement. The prominant phazing in particular was a revelation to me.

It took me a long and hard search to track the song down but I eventually found it on the 'Notorious Byrd Brothers' album. Remember this was the early 80s before any Byrds material had been re-issued and CDs where years away and Byrds information was at a premium.

The flip on the UK release is 'Child Of The Universe' and again this song was featured on a film, this time 'Candy'. I've still not seen this movie but have the soundtrack LP.
Anyway, for Byrds completists this UK 45 is worth tracking down because the USA release went for 'Ballad Of Easy Rider' instead.

THE BYRDS - I Wasn't Born To Follow