THE BYRDS - Artificial Energy

THE BYRDS - 'You Ain't Going Nowhere' / 'Artificial Energy' (CBS 3411) 1968

Continuing my month long Byrds feature brings me to a song recorded in December 1967 but not released until April '68 as both a single B-Side and the lead off track on the album 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers'.

'Artificial Energy' is a song about speed and is notable for the phased brass and distorted vocals. Chartwise it flopped and McGuinn (according to the CD liners of 'Notorious') didn't rate the song very highly, especially the vocals.

It's certainly one of the strangest Byrds recordings in their repertoire and a sound they never touched on again.

The sleeve pictured is the cover of the 45 released in The Netherlands.


  1. Such a great song! Thanks. W.

  2. a great sleeve very rare to see the three man group-soon to be 2


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