The Unclaimed - an article from Sounds 7th April, 1984


  1. Thanks for these historic articles!
    It was just after those, we’re talking 1985 and to an even greater extent 1986 and thanks to the many 60s reissues that arrived at our local shop, that me and others got sucked into the psychedelic/garage vortex! In my case I always preferred buying those albums from 20 years before (now 40!) but without a doubt the early Chesterfield Kings were the exception.
    Their first two albums are great with the debut being amazing giving the context (it was 1982…)…I eventually got off them with their “Berlin Wall of sound” when they were going for a more 70ish sound and never bought that…later on they went as far as cutting their hair short for a surf double album!!! And of course over the last few years they just went back to what they do best, still you can’t beat those early records of theirs!
    The Tell-Tale Hearts and the Thanes/Green Telescope were and still are among my very favourites from that period with the Scottish band recording some truly great stuff as time went on, unlike others that either split up or went a different direction…also I’ll have to mention those Swedish bands like the Wylde Mammoths, the Creeps from the first album and even the Stomachmouths all bands that we saw live and enjoyed immensely in the mid-late 80s when we were not 20 yet!
    The Unclaimed were almost like a mythological band…all dressed in black, their few records difficult to get…while similar warped-garage bands likeThe Graveddiger V and the Morlocks managed to reach a slightly wider audience. It’s funny to listen to some of that stuff now, not everything might be as good as remembered or in some cases just as great!
    Having bought those records the first time round and especially having witnessed some of those bands live will make the difference…it must be a bit similar for those older enough to have been around in the 60s, with particular memories attached to certain bands…

  2. I've got an old Green Telescope article to post soon from Sounds. This was before the band even recorded!!

  3. That would be nice, I might even have seen it, since I lived in Edinburgh for 10 years and we're good friends with Lenny!


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