THE ROADRUNNERS - 'Payback Time' / 'Love Me As I Am' (Beluga 005) 1999

I wrote about Örebro based Roadrunners in May 2008 when I reviewed their debut CD single. That release was a purist R&B approach and the band pulled it off in great style.
This record on a small label out of Sweden probably had a run of 1000 copies and they of course are now long gone. In years to come these underground neo garage/psych 45s will be as sought after as some of those original 60s garage singles.

This time around The Roadrunners have discovered fuzztoned guitars on 'Payback Time' and have left the R&B sound in favour of stripped down garage moves. The production is excellent and thankfully no instruments are buried in the mix. The bass guitar runs from Kristofer Mossberg are a particular stand out. 


  1. It actually seems harder to find out about revival bands than the original ones, as there's still no reissue business. I want more Children of Nuggets compilations, and a 'Fuzz, acid and flowers'-style guide to the era.

  2. And a great blog you've got here, just been exploring it, so many records I've never heard of and now want to hear.

  3. You'll need to find a book called "The Knights Of Fuzz" by Tim Gassen...


  4. 500 copies were pressed of the Roadrunners single. (I still have a few copies in my warehouse). / Trevor (Beluga) (


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