RADIO STARS - No Russians In Russia

RADIO STARS - 'Stop It' EP (Chiswick Records SW 17) 1977

Singer Andy Ellison had been the frontman in 60s mod band John's Children. He then formed a glam rock band called Jet with songwriter Martin Ellison. After a couple of flop singles Jet reformed under the name of Radio Stars adding Ian Macleod on guitar and Paul Simon on drums.

Radio Stars got lumped in with the punk movement but they sounded more like a new wave band to me and I'm thinking along the lines of XTC. 'No Russians In Russia' is one of those songs that seems to get in your head the more times you hear it. The other cuts on the EP border on power pop/pub rock/new wave but definately not punk rock.

The record was engineered by Vic Maile who also went on to produce for The Inmates, Motorhead, Dr Feelgood and The Godfathers.

Looking at the pic of Radio Stars I get the impression that they weren't over keen squeezing into the (too small) muscle vests for the promo shots. Ian Macleod still has his mullett(esque) glam rock haircut for fucksake.

RADIO STARS - No Russians In Russia


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