P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero

P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero (Eva 12023)

French re-issue label Eva Records put out this rare album by student garage band P.J. Orion and the Magnates in 1984. It was one of Eva's first releases and I probably bought this when it appeared on the scene from a mail order firm called Funhouse Records.

This prep school album is different from other preppy school one off's because this band go for the folk rock sound in a big way. Even their covers of British Invasion tunes like 'As Tears Go By', 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' and EVEN 'Gloria' have got electric folk rock jangle all over them instead of the English beat sound.
This is perhaps why I love this album so much. Every cut is a cover version but The Magnates add their own special ingredient into the mix.

The information about each band member on the album back cover is a piss-take but at least it provides their names and the instruments they struggled to play.

I'm not sure where the band came from but I've read online that they attended a college in Groton, Massachusettes and recorded this album and had it manufactured in 1966. An original LP is scarce and will probably cost at least $350 and the release on Eva has more or less vanished aswell.

Surprisingly, only 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' has ever been compiled and that was in 1982 on
Oil Stains Vol 1. No CD re-issue exists as far as I know.

P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero


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  2. I remember seeing the Eva reissue in the 80s but I always passed it by, there were sooo many cool bands to discover…now 20 odd years down the line I got to hear it thanks to “blogland”.
    You’re quite right about it, and their take on basically each song on this very short LP ( only 9 songs! Couldn’t they manage a tenth one???) is fairly original and they’re certainly using a folk-rock template..
    The band was actually from Greece!!! Yes, sons of wealthy Greek families…hence the Magnates moniker!


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