THE LEATHER BOY - 'Shadows' / 'I'm A Leather Boy' (MGM K13724) April 1967

'Shadows' is an outstanding slice of psychedelia with whispered vocals and a trippy melody line full of echo. I can remember being blown away by this as a teenager when I first heard it on Pebbles Vol 11. It's a killer B-Side and is far superior than the novelty top side 'I'm A Leather Boy'.
I've read online somewhere else that The Leather Boy appeared on TV Show "Upbeat" performing 'I'm A Leather Boy'. The record wasn't a hit however and is a hard 45 to locate, especially in the tasty picture sleeve.
Leather Boy was also known as Milan and lots of 45s have been released under various guises such as Milan, World Of Milan, The Leather Boy and The Licorice Schtik. He also put together a band and released an album as The Head Shop in late 1969.
Milan's work is surely ripe for a retrospective, although I'm sure a legit release will almost certainly never happen because so many different record labels would be involved.

Sadly Milan died of a brain tumour in 1971.


  1. Un grand musicien, ses chansons sont de premier plan !

  2. Milan was dedicated to authenticity and hugely tealented.He made lyrics and music and produced other acts.He made a transistion for american pop to psychedelia in a short time frame.
    He really loved bikes and probably died for that as a brain tumor was caused by a bike accident.

  3. Thanks Colin for keeping Milan's aka Rick Rodell's work out there for Millions to hear.Mike Stax's personally has told me that Milan was the most Prolific Artist,Producer in the biz.That speaks Volumes in the Record industry.He also did many Broadway musicals,Composed,wrote,sang,arranged,produced many bands.Played guitar just like his dad Rasha Rodell, Miami Beach Fl.


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